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RAMM has a unique combination of qualifications which allow us to provide large company capabilities and experience with small company responsiveness.  Some of those qualifications are:

◊ An experienced, stable staff which has worked together for many years.
◊ Local ownership by hands-on professionals who can make instantaneous, binding decisions relating to resource commitments and allocations.
◊ Project management by principals of the firm who are dedicated to providing the services you require in a timely, professional manner.


Some of the services RAMM offers its clients include:

         Soils/Materials Engineering
◊ Test drilling/subsurface exploration
◊ Soil mechanics/laboratory testing
◊ Engineering recommendations for use in design of:
    ▪ Bituminous and Portland cement concrete pavement
    ▪ Concrete slab-on-grade floors
    ▪ Shallow and deep foundations
    ▪ Earth embankments
    ▪ Earth-retaining structures
    ▪ Subsurface sewage and storm water disposal
    ▪ Trench shoring
◊ Engineering recommendations and/or opinions relative to:
    ▪ Excavation conditions
    ▪ On-site and borrow fill materials
    ▪ Earthwork/site grading considerations
    ▪ Surface drainage considerations
    ▪ Subsurface seepage conditions
◊ Engineering Review of Mix Designs and Materials
    ▪ Asphalt concrete
    ▪ Portland cement concrete
    ▪ Soil cement
    ▪ Lime stabilized materials
    ▪ Slurry seal
    ▪ Chip seal
◊ Special consulting relative to:
    ▪ Soil corrosivity potential
    ▪ Grouting/stabilization
    ▪ Rock anchoring
    ▪ Geological conditions/seismicity

         Failure Investigation
◊ Building foundations
◊ Cut and fill slopes
◊ Swimming pools
◊ Concrete deterioration and/or cracking
◊ Masonry walls
◊ Compressive strength evaluations
◊ Pavement

         Engineering Inspections
◊ Soil bearing evaluations
◊ Footing excavations
◊ Site conditions
◊ Structural masonry
◊ Reinforcing steel
◊ Aggregate production
◊ Asphalt concrete production
◊ Special inspections per UBC

         Observation and Testing
◊ Stripping and clearing
◊ Trench backfill
◊ Subgrade precompaction
Subbase fill
◊ Aggregate base
◊ Asphalt concrete
◊ Concrete masonry
◊ Chip seal
◊ Slurry seal
◊ Micro seal
◊ Fog coat

         Materials Sampling and Testing
◊ Concrete, mortar and grout
◊ Asphalt concrete
◊ Masonry
◊ Soils and Aggregates