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Ricker, Atkinson, McBee, Morman & Associates was established in 1994 under the guidance of Kenneth L. Ricker, Charles H. Atkinson and Judith McBee.  Shawn Morman joined the partnership in 2006.

Let's meet the management of RAMM.



Kenneth L. Ricker, P.E.  is President and Senior Geotechnical Engineer at RAMM.  He holds both BSCE and MSE (Soil Mechanics) degrees from Illinois Institute of Technology and ASU, respectively.  Mr. Ricker is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona and Washington.

Mr. Ricker has 25+ years of experience and specializes in engineering recommendations relating to design of rigid and flexible roadway, test track, and airport pavements; concrete slabs-on-grade and floor slab support; shallow and deep foundations (driven and drilled); earth embankments, levees, retaining walls, tied-back walls, braced walls; subsurface sewage and storm water disposal.  He provides engineering recommendations and/or opinions relative to excavation conditions, on-site and borrow fill materials, earthwork/site grading considerations, surface drainage considerations, subsurface seepage conditions.  He also provides special consulting relative to soil corrosivity potential, grouting/stabilization, rock anchoring, geological conditions/seismicity, excavation conditions, collapsing soils, rock mechanics, expansive soils, and subsidence.


Judith A. McBee is Vice President, Marketing Director, Corporate Secretary and a principal at RAMM.  She is a graduate of Phoenix College and has worked in the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing area since 1971.  She has held marketing director positions at several local geotechnical engineering firms, most recently when RAM opened for business in 1994.

Ms. McBee initiated the RAMM marketing program and continues to maintain marketing materials and respond to client requests for statements of qualification and proposals.  She is also involved in a variety of administrative activities including report and billing review, collections, project initiation and client liaison.


Shawn C. Morman is Vice President, co-founder, and Technical Services Director of the firm of Ricker, Atkinson, McBee, Morman and Associates, Inc.  Mr. Morman has extensive experience in all aspects of construction materials and soil mechanics testing.  He obtained his education from Colorado State University as a Construction Management major.  He has also gained additional education from Arizona State University.

Mr. Morman is the Technical Services Director for all laboratory and field testing  of soils and construction materials.  He also acts as Field Engineer during subsurface explorations, Senior Engineering Technician, and/or Project Manager on selected projects.  His responsibilities at RAMM include training and oversight of technical personnel, calibration of equipment, laboratory compliance with in-house quality assurance/quality control policies, oversight of the firm's participation in inspection and accreditation programs, review and reduction of laboratory data, and preparation of reports.

Mr. Morman has expertise in laboratory evaluation to determine soil classification and compaction/stability properties of soils; soil mechanics; aggregate testing; testing of asphalt, concrete, mortar, grout, block and bricks; and mix designs for asphalt concrete, concrete and mortar.  He has special expertise and proficiency in performance and oversight of quality assurance/quality control testing in support of landfill closures and projects governed by ADOT requirements, specifications and reporting procedures.


David A. Thomas is an Arizona state-registered Professional Engineer.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University in 1991.  He has also attended training seminars sponsored by the Arizona Department of Transportation in the areas of Design and Construction Management of Soil Nail Walls; Rockfall Hazard Mitigation and Rating Systems; Project Management Team Training.

Mr. Thomas has, over the course of a 20+ year career, been involved in all aspects of geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and inspection, and environmental consulting.  His career was initially in technical areas and subsequently, after earning a civil engineering degree, he became involved in the engineering aspects of geotechnical and environmental consulting.  He has held project manager positions since 1992.

Mr. Thomas has managed and performed all relevant activities relating to geotechnical investigations and evaluations.  This includes supervising field activities for projects ranging in size from small commercial and residential projects to large highway and bridge projects and preparing geotechnical engineering reports for a variety of public-and private-sector clients.  He has also conducted Phase I, Phase II and Phase III environmental site assessments and UST investigations.

His responsibilities at RAMM include oversight of field activities including supervising drill crews, logging test borings, visually classifying soils and bedrock during drilling operations and retrieving samples for laboratory testing.  He is also responsible for outlining and evaluating laboratory testing programs, performing engineering evaluations and preparing engineering reports.  He also performs peer review of reports prepared by others.


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