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RAMM's laboratory personnel, equipment and procedures have met the stringent requirements of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).  RAMM has achieved AASHTO accreditation which includes acceptance of our Quality Control Manual by the accrediting agencies.

The RAMM Quality Control Manual contains information relating to employee training and training records; equipment inventory; equipment calibration scheduling, procedures, and forms; test records and reports; sample management; proficiency sample and on-site inspection program records; quality system review; subcontractors; and sample test report forms.

Our in-house AASHTO-accredited soils, asphalt and concrete laboratories participate in federally-administered AMRL and CCRL accreditation and reference sample programs, and in the Arizona State Department of Transportation (ADOT) Proficiency Sample and Inspection Program. 

Our laboratory capabilities and a summary of tests we perform are as follows:

         Soils, Aggregate & Rock
◊ Maximum Density-Optimum Moisture (Standard Proctor)
◊ Plasticity Index (Atterberg Limits)
◊ Specific Gravity
◊ Sieve Analysis
◊ Hydrometer Analysis
◊ pH, Resistivity
◊ California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
◊ Remolded Swell
◊ Consolidation
◊ Direct shear
◊ Shrinkage
◊ Flakiness Index
◊ Unit Weight
◊ Compressive Strength of Rock Core

         Concrete, Grout & Mortar
◊ Compressive Strength, Slump, Unit Weight, Air Content
◊ Specimen Capping, Stripping, Curing
◊ Mix designs to AASHTO specifications
◊ Flexural strength  of concrete beams

◊ Marshall Maximum Density, 3-point, 75-blow method
◊ Marshall Stability and Flow
◊ Rice (Specific Gravity)
◊ Mix design analysis
◊ Bitumen Extraction - Aggregate Gradation
◊ Core unit weight and thickness

         Seal Coating
◊ Total fluids and residual bitumen
◊ Aggregate gradation
◊ Yield analysis


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